Taking stock of our heritage from a military family

Make sure you thank a veteran and those in the military every moment you can. I don’t think I was wise enough to do this with my stepfather who served in WWII and Korea.  After toting a gun in Germany as an army foot solder, he worked as an electrical engineer for over 40 years with the US Navy. He traveled overseas in every aircraft carrier built during his times. I never heard him complain about his work or pay. Today, he’s retired trying to make his garden stay pruned and clean. It is our obligation to learn from people like him and to pass on this knowledge. Many in the military are good role models who mentor inside and out of bases. Almost everyone has something positive about their lives. When you are celebrating Veteran’s day, remember who was a good role model and how you can be one too. Veteran’s day celebrates our military heritage and the sacrifices that make up our communities.

Those who served and volunteered should be respected and revered. Our mission is to help communities, including the military and their families. At military installations many hard working fleet and family support personnel are helping enrich the social and physical health of our military. Soon, many enlisted members will be provided with various financial education workshops to ensure military readiness. It had been reported that financial stress can be related to depression, domestic abuse, divorce, and suicides. Giving this community a relevant and useful dose of financial health is vital. However, it is also important to follow up with attendees during and after these workshops to ensure effectiveness, provide adequate support and to improve future implementations.

The leadership inside our military is never satisfied with and imperfect system. They are constantly working in making the perfect recruit. Leadership, service and mentorship is something our veterans provide and we should be grateful.

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