Enhanced Education

is the ability to create critical thinking learners who understand real world problems and how to manage them so that a person can make informed decisions. Enhanced education such as financial literacy often is the first step toward financial stability and helps consumers save, better protect and manage their money, prepare for unexpected life events, and plan for short and long-term goals.

Complex | Confused | Stressed

Today’s complex financial services market offers consumers a vast array of products and providers to meet their financial needs. The degree of choice requires a consumer to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the options and identify those that best suit their needs and circumstances.

Struggling | Crisis | Inadequate

California communities are struggling with basic life choices because they never understood today’s complex financial products or where their money was going. As a result, individual stress has reached a critical point resulting in high divorce rates, unhealthy living standards, medical negligence, suicides, and criminal activities. Unfortunately, these factors commonly impact low-income people and their families.


The more people who teach financial literacy, the better equipped people are to change their lives, economic environment, and demand for improved financial services.

A good education creates generations of responsible contributing citizens.