Advocacy Programs

Leading the path to success

Awareness | Collaboration | Reporting
Our efficiency reporting serves the public in a way that is useful to Californian’s lifestyles and cultures. Our outreach approach is based on community based communications that foster collaboration. A selection of modern and basic media methods are utilized to engage people who benefit from our services and those of our partners.

Increasing Strengths | Decreasing Costs | Improving Results
Our business partners understand that strengthening the communities they work or do business in, is in their best interest. The California Foundation Fund’s evaluation approach is a model of collaboration and improves learning opportunities while decreasing societal costs.

Safety | Values | Livelihood
Enhancing economic prosperity improves safety, family values, and the livelihood of our State. We help agencies, financial industries, and community organizations understand and improve their message and services. Our work brings together the various parties that offer educational services in common communities.

Marketing | Outreach | Leadership
Our advocacy efforts provide leadership with implementable solutions. Collaborative projects involves the parties that need to communicate as one community group or subgroup. We provide a platform for this collaboration and the resources to execute solutions.