Enhancing education to empower communities.

Our enhanced learning programs supports financial literacy, entrepreneurial educators and capacity building services in low to moderate income communities. Our work supports educators, empowers students and strengthen local communities.

Enhanced Education

Enhanced education in entrepreneurship provides educators with the ability to improve the personal behaviors of students and the lives of many within their communities.

Our education capacity and development service is engaging universities and their communities. This work values the diversity of educational cultures. We strive to enhance learning outcomes, uphold quality standards and empower lives.

An internal board created by CAFF, the California Foundation Site Council, ensures our work, ethics and our curriculum and certified instructors are held to professional standards.

Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Entrepreneurship Mentorship provides meaningful resource to the small business community. Group and one on one workshops taught by independent professionals coaches helps companies grow. Our executive mentorship provides a culturally relevant approach at finding meaningful methods to teach venture management.


Our advocacy efforts are focused on building economic sustainability one community at a time. Our goal is to bridge communities’ and agencies’ credit and asset building efforts. This includes efficiency reporting, regulatory mandates, and agency regulations. We help build community collaboratives that strengthen and support financial education.