FutureBoss Micro-Venture Fund


FutureBoss Micro-Venture is a non-profit fund that has two primarily objectives to help support entrepreneurship in San Diego:
  1. Provide seed funding to entrepreneurs so they can validate their business models
  2. Provide access to low-interest loans and convertible equity loans to help businesses grow
This fund will always have at least 33% of the funds being used for seed funding in the form of grants. The remainder of the fund will be a diversified combination of low-interest loans, </=49% equity positions in small companies, index stock market investments, high rating bonds, real estate, and other low-risk investments in order to grow the fund.
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Support young entrepreneurs launch vetted business models. Your donations create a micro-venture fund that provides grants as a method for business models to prove their economic viability. All donations are used to fund the FutureBoss Micro-Venture Fund Program that is managed by committee members from USD’s Alpha Kappa Psi.

The short URL of this page is: http://cafund.org/xj04m

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