financial literacy

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We are a youth financial literacy 501(c)3 that sends a finance expert directly into classrooms and organizations, where our youth already are, to teach an annual 100% independent formal financial literacy curriculum.

We currently have programs focused on 4th, 8th and 11th-grade classrooms that can be tailored to fit any similar age group. We partner directly with schools or other youth organizations to step into the classroom once a month for one hour to teach financial literacy. Every school that partners with Pennies On Purpose also has access to a family finance workshop or similar event that is free to all families and staff of the school or organization.

Pennies On Purpose
National Financial Educators Council

The NFEC is a full-service education company that provides financial literacy material, promotes advocacy campaigns, sets standards, conducts research and shares best practices. We provide financial education resources and help organizations build sustainable financial education programs.