Transformational Learning Centers

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Terrace Knoll Learning Center
We provide free community classes in Success and Prosperity Principles, Timeless Wisdom, and Transformational Dream Tending. Our Prosperity classes help create a prosperity and health consciousness; The Timeless Wisdom classes offer information about the whole human and the potential strengths and abilities of the whole person; The Transformational Dream Tenders Class is ideal for artists, musicians, writers, dreamers and visionaries. We don’t analyze as much as animate dream images spontaneously arising in consciousness. We honor the images as bearers of living information and inspiration.

Our classes are offered in 8 week segments with spring, summer and winter vacations between. Classes are created and supervised by Carolyn Caswell, MFT.
Classes are usually held in the evenings at Terrace Knoll Enchanted Sanctuary a wildlife refuge and learning center in the foothills of Mt. Washington. Classes are absolutely free of charge and while donations are accepted they are not solicited nor mentioned.

Bellus Academy
(619) 474-6607