Financial Literacy

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We are a youth financial literacy 501(c)3 that sends a finance expert directly into classrooms and organizations, where our youth already are, to teach an annual 100% independent formal financial literacy curriculum.

We currently have programs focused on 4th, 8th and 11th-grade classrooms that can be tailored to fit any similar age group. We partner directly with schools or other youth organizations to step into the classroom once a month for one hour to teach financial literacy. Every school that partners with Pennies On Purpose also has access to a family finance workshop or similar event that is free to all families and staff of the school or organization.

Pennies On Purpose
National Financial Educators Council

The NFEC is a full-service education company that provides financial literacy material, promotes advocacy campaigns, sets standards, conducts research and shares best practices. We provide financial education resources and help organizations build sustainable financial education programs.

“Improving financial literacy for kids through fun and inspiring stories.
A collection of books and resources for schools, churches and homes to teach kids key values and tools for money management.
Each story contains several essential money related themes including saving, investment, honesty, charity and employment.
The story books are supported by an Activity Book and Teacher’s Resource.”

Operating in the financial services sector, The Consulting Interface Limited, exists to provide an independent source of competent advice, information and assistance to corporate and individual clients.

“The mission of the Institute for Financial Literacy is to promote effective financial education and counseling.

We achieve our mission by providing financial education, counseling, professional training & certification as well as organizational accreditation.”

I’m a financial Strategist who empowers women in transition to have financial freedom through control of their money,business & life. Join our community @

JA offers K-12th grade basic money management & economic programs that help youth become self-sufficient adults.

“The Money Game is a financial education game
where the room is “”the board””, the players are
“”the pieces”” and the lessons last a lifetime.

The Money Game is one of the easiest and
most effective method for turning your students
into financially literate adults.

Learning about money is no longer an elective
even though it’s offered as one; financial skills
are a critical life skills that should be
included in every student’s education.

The Money Game can be used on its own or as
an enhancement to any curriculum in use,
especially math units, career choices, and home

When learning financial education in an interactive
game format, students are given permission to
engage their “”b”

Teaching Your Kid is a blog for parents who want to teach their kids what isn’t taught in school. We teach basic skills that are so important in today’s society – financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, effective and appropriate use of technology, etc.

“Mission: To offer ideas and support for blazing a path to financial freedom by achieving a household budget surplus, paying off debt, and making smart money choices.

The theme on Money Counselor is straight talk and practical ideas for getting ahead and staying there. Whether you’re trying to dig out of debt, save for retirement or an emergency, cut spending, hold onto your home, deal with a money crisis, or make better money choices, you’ll find ideas and help here.”