California Foundation Site Council


Modernizing Financial Literacy

The Site Council was created to evaluate, create and continuously enhance financial literacy standards and community program implementations.

Financial literacy standards and strategies:

The Site Council monitors programs for ethical execution and effectiveness to advance professionalism and education.

Financial Integration Study:

The Site Council conducts qualitative and quantitative research so that community organizations, policymakers, and financial institutions better understand the challenges and opportunities faced by underbanked communities. It provides a platform for financial literacy standards and program development to continuously improve.

Organize and Guide:

  • Developing a methodology for conducting peer review
  • Aggregating existing financial literacy standards
  • Analyzing qualitative data
  • Reviewing field reports
  • Developing a quantitative statewide survey
  • Reviewing the Final Working Paper
  • Reviewing business applicants
  • Recommending program resources


Dr. Refugio Rochin / Co-Chairperson

Cassie Morton / Co-Chairperson


Antonio Barbosa, Wells Fargo

Dr. Ruben Garcia, US SBA

Dr. Guadalupe Corona, Southwestern College

Dr. Rachna Kumar, Alliant University

Reymundo Marin, United States University