California Foundation Site Council

Modernizing Financial Literacy

The Site Council was created to evaluate, create and continuously enhance financial literacy standards and community program implementations.


Financial literacy standards and strategies:

The Site Council monitors programs for ethical execution and effectiveness to advance professionalism and education.


Financial Integration Study:

The Site Council conducts qualitative and quantitative research so that community organizations, policy makers and financial institutions better understand the challenges and opportunities faced by under- banked communities. It provides a platform for financial literacy standards and program development to continuously improve.


Organize and Guide:

  • Developing a methodology for conducting peer review
  • Aggregating existing financial literacy standards
  • Analyzing qualitative data
  • Reviewing field reports
  • Developing a quantitative statewide survey
  • Reviewing the Final Working Paper
  • Reviewing business applicants
  • Recommending program resources



Dr. Refugio Rochin / Co-Chairperson

Cassie Morton / Co-Chairperson


Arturo Martinez Caceres, MSc. Consultant.

Miguel Vasquez,CAFF Board Chairman

James Hayes, Mira Costa College

Antonio Barbosa, Wells Fargo

Dr. Ruben Garcia, US SBA

Dr. Guadalupe Corona, Southwestern College

Dr. Rachna Kumar, Alliant University

Reymundo Marin, United States University