Barbara Nyegaard | Board-member

Barbara Nyegaard | Board-member

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Barbara Nyegaard is the co-founder and CEO of ERISS Corporation, a small, woman-owned technology and analytics firm based in San Diego, CA. Ms. Nyegaard has over 20 years of experience serving government agencies, cities and counties in the technology and workforce industry.

She was instrumental in developing the first automated labor market information system in 1992 for the California Department of Employment Development and has steered her company into becoming one of the most innovative in the industry. As a result of her leadership, ERISS has worked with over 400 workforce and economic development organizations across the US., partnered with leading firms such as Accenture and, and received numerous awards from the Department of Labor and media companies, primarily for its technology of interactive web applications related to labor market information and data collection.

Ms. Nyegaard holds a Masters Degree in Management from National University San Diego and is a proud recipient of many awards including California Business Woman of the Year, Commendations from a former Mayor and San Diego City Council Members, and a Congressional Medal of Distinction.